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If being more organized is one of your new year's resolutions, keeping an agenda can help you achieve it! An agenda reminds you of your duties and can allow you to manage your time better. For a few tips on how to keep an organized agenda, continue reading.

How to Keep an Organized Agenda for the New YearChoose the Right Agenda

First of all, you need to choose the right agenda for you. Choose one you can carry and write in comfortably. There are different kinds, styles, colors, sizes, designs, and more—so pick one that you will enjoy seeing and writing in every day!

Carry Your Agenda

Speaking of which, be sure to carry your agenda (and a pen) wherever you go. This way, it will always be there when you have to write an appointment or assignment down.

Use Tools for Organization

Your agenda will be easier to follow if it's well-organized. To that end, use different colored pens or highlighters for various activities (blue for math, green for history, etc.), so you know what you have to do at a glance. You could also use highlighters or sticky notes to accentuate important information.

Write It All Down

The point of having an agenda is that it will remind you of what you need to do. However, for that to happen, you actually need to write in it: every assignment, project, test, meet, social event, appointment, and more.

Update It

If you want to avoid confusion in your agenda, you should update it on a daily basis. To start, you should mark the duties you've already completed. Also, be sure to modify the information in your agenda as needed.

Check It Daily

As a final tip, you should check your agenda every single day. After all, it's there to be a reminder when your memory fails, which is why you need to go through it on a daily basis, even when you're sure you have nothing going on.

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