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There are a myriad different learning tools your child can use to further their knowledge and education. The dictionary can be a very valuable one, since it may assist them in their efforts to becoming a better speller, reader, and communicator. That's why you should read through the post below to learn how to teach your child to use their dictionary efficiently. 

How to Use a Dictionary to Learn

Practice the Alphabet

A dictionary won't be of much use to your child if they don't know the alphabet. For that reason, the first tip is making sure they're familiar with it. Sing the ABC song with them to practice it.

Pick the Right Dictionary

For the time being, your child won't have much use for a legal, medical, or translation dictionary. To help them succeed, pick the right dictionary: an updated English dictionary, preferably pocket-sized, will do.

Explore the Dictionary

It's a good idea to sit down with your child to explore the dictionary, teach them about its different components (like its thesaurus), and explain to them how to use them to learn more.

Begin the Search

Now it's time for your child to search for their first word. To that end, tell them to start by looking for the section of the first letter in the unknown word. Once in that section, they should use the guide words at the top to find the correct word.

Understand the Meaning

It's likely that your child won't understand the definition of a few words in the dictionary. If that's the case, encourage them to search for the unknown words within the definition, so they can clear up the meaning and expand their vocabulary.

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