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Winter break learning loss occurs when students neglect their studies during their time off school. This means they forget what they learned and have a challenging time building new knowledge once they return to school. If you'd like your child to prevent winter break learning loss, follow the tips below.

How to Prevent Winter Break Learning Loss

  1. Reading and writing are not only two of the best things your child can do to keep their mind active during winter break, but they can also help them avoid learning loss since through them, they will practice a few academic skills (such as grammar, spelling, and more).
  2. Your child is probably glad that they're done with school. However, if they want to avoid returning to it as a blank slate, they will need to study during the break. Simply reading their notes a couple of times will reinforce the knowledge they already have.
  3. Now that you both have more free time, you can use it to go on a few learning trips. For example, visiting the library or going to the zoo a couple of times during the break will keep your child's knowledge fresh and will help them learn more.
  4. Last but not least, engage your child in conversation. Talking to them about school and their subjects, or asking them about something they should know, will help them practice. For example, if they just learned to multiply, ask them what 3 X 4 is.

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