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Winter break learning loss occurs when students neglect their studies during their time off school. This means they forget what they learned and have a challenging time building new knowledge once they return to school. If you'd like your child to prevent winter break learning loss, follow the...

There are a myriad different learning tools your child can use to further their knowledge and education. The dictionary can be a very valuable one, since it may assist them in their efforts to becoming a better speller, reader, and communicator. That's why you should read through the post below...


In today’s competitive academic environment, getting your child prepared for the SAT or ACT test is vital to being accepted into the college of your choice and recieving the most scholarships possible. Our SAT/ACT Program gives students the advantage of Individualized One-To-One Instruction from...
Being ready for class can guarantee your child has a more successful learning experience. For that reason, this post will share a few tips on how you can help your child prepare for the challenges of their next school day.

How to Prepare for Class

  1. First of all, make sure that your child...
Elizabeth Burdette, Academic Instructor at The Tutoring Center of Greenville, was born and raised in the Greenville area. She currently lives in the Taylors area with her husband, stepdaughter, dog Koda, and three cats, and she would say that her pack of animals is definitely great entertainment!...
Colleen Hewitt, Assistant Head Instructor at The Tutoring Center of Greenville, is originally from Cincinnati, OH. She received a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics Teaching from Clemson University and is currently working on her Master's in Applied Statistics through the University of South...
Tabitha Thelen, an Academic and SAT/ACT Instructor at The Tutoring Center, graduated fromthe University of South Carolina Upstate where she received a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education with an emphasis in Mathematics. Tabitha loves teaching as she takes great pleasure in helping...
To help your child start their new school year the right way, you must help them organize their backpack. After all, that's where they'll carry everything they need to have a successful learning experience. For a few tips on how to organize your child's backpack effectively, continue reading.



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