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"We are so grateful to the Tutoring Center. Our high school child(attending a charter school) was doing well in school but his scores on the EOC's and state tests did not match up with his work in the classroom. We had him tested through the center and it showed only a 6th grade proficiency in reading comprehension and math computation. The thought of how hard he was having to work to keep up with his class mates was difficult to hear. After four months at the center he is now testing on grade level and has passed the accuplacer test to begin taking college classes in the spring. We are so excited to see him working smarter and not harder. Thank you Morgan and all the staff at the Tutoring Center for making this happen!!”
- Lori Keener
"I love this place so far! They really know how to engage my son in learning in a fun and productive way. I especially love the group huddle at the start of each session to discuss key values like courage, hard work, etc..” 
Makeia Beck
"My child attends for Enrichment Tutoring. He really likes it! He likes the extrinsic motivation - prizes & points. He likes all the tutors. His favorite activity is the “Math Minutes” which improves his fast facts and concentration. Morgan, the director, is very friendly and accommodating with time slots and make up times.”
Jill Kelsey
"We love The Tutoring Center! Their approach keeps the kids engaged, building confidence while help them to improve academically, and the rewards system keeps them motivated. I would highly recommend Morgan and her team to anyone who is looking for some extra help.”
Linda Yanov
"With only 2 weeks at The Tutoring Center, my daughter has already gained noticeable confidence in her math skills and reduction in test anxiety. We can't wait to see how she continues to grow with them! Morgan and her crew will go above and beyond to make sure your child is successful in school. If your child is struggling, The Tutoring Center is PRICELESS!”
Catherine Manske
"The Tutoring Center has been a great help to my daughter, she needed help with Mathematics and in just two months she has raised her qualifications, but something very important for me was that they have given her a lot of confidence and confidence in herself. It's good that I found them, we'll keep going to keep improving.”
Alejandra Rodriguez
"I love going to the tutoring center! The ladies working there are absolutely wonderful, and such a joy to see every time I go there. Morgan and staff have such a passion for helping children receive a good education and understanding of their work. They are so uplifting, and encouraging as well!”
Zoey Gladson
"Well Christina needs some extra help with Math at this time & I can relate, getting lost at this point would be detrimental since she will be going to High School soon, and if the Math is fragmented then it can take a toll on her performance in High School and we can't have that! Christina has been to tutoring before and The tutoring center has better prices and progression test to see how she has progressed as she continues with the program & in the end will not only cost less than some of the other tutoring programs, but will be more effective. Morgan is really organized and professional and also gives incentives for progress and for referrals, so if you are going to need extra help, please mention us! Honestly looking at the cost of summer camps and all the extra curricular activities, this is one that will have the largest impact & will help her not get behind in the summer months!”
Tina Berry
"My daughter has completed over 20 tutoring sessions at the Tutoring Center, and it has truly been helpful. The tutors are exceptional, and Morgan, the director, is absolutely committed to helping each child succeed. My daughter has gained more confidence, and her grades in math have improved significantly. I would highly recommend TTC to anyone needing extra help.” 
Kelly Franchina
"I have nothing but great things to say about Morgan and The Tutoring Center Staff in Greenville, SC. A wonderful first impression from our very first phone chat to my daughters first week of tutoring. This was a seamless transition and I just knew from the beginning this was the hope I needed for my daughter!”
Hayley Taylor
"I'm so glad that I found The Tutoring Center! My daughter loves it and gets plenty of one-to-one attention. There are no groups, only individual tutoring! If your child is needing extra help, I definitely recommend The Tutoring Center!”
Amanda Givens
"My son started at The Tutoring Center a couple of weeks ago. I was definitely nervous because of our past experience with tutoring type places. The other places focused on only one subject and included mostly the student doing the work and someone checking their work after. The Tutoring Center is one-on-one instruction with qualified instructors. It is a rewards based system which is great for my son! He loves earning his grab bags and is looking forward to picking out his first prize. As an educator myself, I know the curriculum and atmosphere is top notch and takes the student's needs into consideration. The staff is friendly and the location is SO convenient. I can drop him off and run over to the grocery store real quick. Win win!!” 
Cassidy Ethridge
“My son has been going for over 3 months now and his confidence has grown so much. He is learning how to focus and do his best. The staff is so kind and Morgan has such a passion for all the kids that come through her doors!”   
Kat May
"Great teachers who work hard to make sure your child/children feel confident and comfortable with the material they are learning! I really recommend this place to everyone who is struggling and needs help!”
Alexis Hawley
"Carly has been at the tutoring center about a month now and everything is going great. I recommend anyone to give the center a try if their child needs help with school work. it is a great learning center. everyone is so friendly and helpful there.”
Everette Kirby
"I was so impressed with all of the hard work that goes on during the tutoring session and after! They correspond with the teachers at their school to ensure that everything correlates. And my daughter loves going!” 
Ayana Tucker
"We were fortunate to be one of the first families to sign on and benefit from The Tutoring Center. My son has been coming to The Tutoring Center since February.  He has gained such clarity regarding his Algebra.   He has improved in his attitude and academics.  We are so blessed to have Morgan and all the tutors working with him.   This is the best tutoring in the area and we highly recommend it.”
Christine Widmaier
"I have been very pleased with Morgan and her staff at the Tutoring Center over the past few months. My 14 year old son is enjoying 8th grade math-its a miracle- and my stress has disappeared!!! I hope to continue this throughout high school!!!”
Constantine Canoutas
"The Tutoring Center has had such a positive effect on my children. The instructors and Ms. Morgan are dedicated to helping young people succeed. They make an individualized plan for each child. They also keep in close contact with the child's teacher. My children's grades are improving as well as their self esteem. I would recommend this center for anyone that needs help.”
Uriah Buckle
"From the minute you step in to the tutoring center you will realize why so many families are flocking to this place. Morgan and her staff go above and beyond creating a safe and fun learning environment for children. Our child has blossomed so much in the short time she been here. She leaves every time with a smile on her face and she is booming with confidence. What more could you ask for.”  
Kyle Hembree
"Couldn't be happier to have found such a loving center to work with my daughter. The one-on-one attention is exactly what I was looking for. I never expected to find a Tutoring Center that had all the same visions I do as a mother but here we are! There is nothing like knowing we have hope for helping my daughter get on track and be successful with the school year and knowing there will be more to come!”
Hayley T.
"My son has been enrolled at The Tutoring Center for a few weeks now and he is doing great. He enjoys going each day and reward system keeps him motivated. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. I can't wait to see him reach his goals and find some confidence in his learning.”
Cassidy E.
"Great place!, Morgan, the center director, is amazing, she's very passionate about making the kids succeed, very professional and will listen to you and answer all your questions. Tutors are great too! giving truly one to one attention. My daughter loves going there and is feeling more confident each day. I highly recommend this place to everyone who is looking for a place to really help your child succeed.”
Ana Nuñez
"Love Love Love it here! My son goes 2 days a week, and he really doesn't mind going at all! That says a lot! He is continuing to grow in his confidence and academically and in appropriate timing.”
Katherine M.
“The Tutoring Center has truly been such a blessing for my son! It’s incredible to see a child, who has been struggling for years, finally succeed. We are SO thankful for The Tutoring Center. If anyone has a child who is struggling and needs help, The Tutoring Center is the right place to go! Morgan is such a wonderful lady to work with, she always has a smile on her face and is willing to help in anyway she can, the teachers all go out of their way to help. Greenville is so lucky to have "The Tutoring Center". I would recommend this for anyone that needs help!!”
Mary C.
"Having been in tutoring centers for years, I find this a very friendly and inviting learning environment. I would definitely recommend this center to a friend."
Hannah H.
"Everyone at the Tutoring Center is so kind and genuine. They truly care about the success of the children. Thank you for bringing this service to Greenville.” 
Marilynn W.
"Morgan is amazing! She is so passionate about children and helping them learn! And great at making it fun while doing so!” 
Leda N.
“Highly recommend the tutoring center. Definitely makes math more fun and easier to understand which is huge! Plus, Morgan is super nice and always really happy! The whole place is great.”
 Jake N.
“My child loves it!” 
David B.
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